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Hi everyone. It’s Joonas again from MeetingPackage.

I’m here to tell it a little bit more now about the problem that is happening on the meeting and event industry and why the situation is what it is today in the reply rates and the response times of hotels sending offers out when you have send an RFP to them.

One of the main problems today is that their customer facing parts of marketplaces, online travel agencies, travel management companies, or even the webform of the hotels on website. They are not talking together with the Sales and Catering solution that manages the meeting room inventory, pricing of the hotel or the venue.

And what this means is when there is no connection in place the webform or the customer facing part is completely offline from the operational software from the hotel. When you make a request for that individual hotel.

Nevertheless if you do it from the hotel directly from their webform or from a marketplace of any kind of the meeting and event industry when you send the RFP it goes to an email box of that hotel. It can be a centralized managed box or it can be an individual sales representatives email box or it’s just standard sales at. Hotel x.

And then when that email goes to that certain person in that organization they take that e-mail and start making the offer to you. And once they create that author it means that they need to take that information put it back to their sales and catering their operations software see the availability, see the pricing, create the PDF from that and then send it back to you as an e-mail.

This in average takes one hour based on studies from the hotel the reply due to end users.

We are here to solve this issue.

In the next episode we will explain to you more on how this will be done.

About the video series

This series looks at what’s happening behind the scenes in the Meetings & Events industry and how common issues encountered by both venues and bookers can be tackled. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from clients and other stakeholders in the meeting booking process that the speed of response from venues has been growing in recent years under the growth in requests (RFPs) and consistently fails to meet client expectations. As a consequence of this feedback, we wanted to look at what lies behind the slow speed of response to many requests for proposal and how this can be improved or resolved in the future. Our mission at MeetingPackage is to make meeting room bookings as easy as booking hotel rooms – please stay tuned for the next episode in our series.

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Reinventing Selling & Booking of Meeting Rooms

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